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Category: Society & Culture

Making A Scene is a podcast hosted by Travis Smith, highlighting entrepreneurs, musicians, bands, and other artisticly driven entities in, nut not limited to, the NW Arkansas Region.

October 18, 2017

Papa Levi, Chuck, and I Discuss Everything (ep27)

My super good friends Levi Combs and Chuck Thomas join me on an adventure through a million subjects. Wayne Newton, The Mena Connection, Oddities, Music, Drums, everything was thrown out on the table. Thank you guys for listening!

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August 25, 2017

No.Faces (ep 26)

This week, Kim and I sit down with Oscar aka No.Faces and we talk about all of the baller stuff he is doing with Vibes Creation Co, his career as one of the top electronic artists in the region, and some killer shows he is throwing. Be sure to check out the links to his music below. Thank you guys for listening, be sure to subscribe and review.

No.Faces (http://soundcloud.com/nofacesmusic)

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August 15, 2017

John Henry (Ep 25)

John Henry, of The Squarshers and John Henry & Friends joins Kim Smootz and I for this episode. We talk songwriting, what John has been up too lately, and even a little performance. 


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August 2, 2017

Garrett of Vintage Pistol (Ep 24)

I love it when my good friends come on the podcast. Garrett August, the harp juicin, keyboard wranglin, backup (and sometimes lead) vocalizing, musical madman in Vintage Pistol joins me to talk about whatever we feel like. We had coffee. We had fun. We casted a pod. Check out his awesome band at www.vintagepistol.com. Thanks Garrett! Love you brother.

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July 28, 2017

Supa to The Dupa (Ep 23)

This week, the Supa shuffling, bass playing, all-around entertainment maestro Supa Man aka Supa to the Dupa joins us to talk about traveling, shuffling, and being one of the coolest cats around. He is currently playing bass for Groovement, as well as working on his solo ventures. Thank you guys for listening, this was a fun one!

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July 19, 2017

Homegrown On The River (Ep 22)

I am joined this week by the founders of Homegrown on The River, a susstainability and music festival at Byrd's Adventure Center on the Mulberry River in Ozark, AR. Jeremy Gunn, Tyler Eck, and Beaux Chandler dropped some info and gave us the skinny on some super cool stuff going on. The festival takes place August 3rd - 5th and you can find more information on their website at www.homegrownontheriver.com

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July 12, 2017

How This Podcast Is Made / Lance Party (Ep 21)

My good friend Lance asked me, "How do you record your podcast? What equipment do you use?" This was about 5 other folks asked me, so I thought I would break it down. Lance is a big podcast fan, like me, and this podcast made me happy. Lance is probably the nicest, laid back, good people I know. He will be making returns.


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July 4, 2017

The Frasco Fiasco (Ep 20)

The afro-rockin, crowd surfin, keyboard playin, party starting, super savage entertainer that is ANDY FRASCO joins Kim Smootz and I directly after getting off the road on a 24-hour visit in town. Andy is one of the nicest and laid back people, as well as a world traveling rock star. Thanks for coming on Andy! Go listen to his music.

Andy Frasco - www.andyfrasco.com

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June 27, 2017

Richard Burnett and Kim Smootz (Ep 19)

Musician Richard Burnett of Mudhawk and Outlaw Hippies joins me, as well as Kim Smootz of Emerg Entertainment. We discussed going on the road, not going on the road, music, but not ghosts. 

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June 21, 2017

THE RETURN with Jon Shorter (Ep 18)

Making A Scene returns with one of my best friends on the planet and bandmate, Jon Shorter. We talk about his influences and approach to music, as well as inspiration and becoming a better, happier human. Definitely the deepest podcast I've ever done, can't think of a better way to come back!

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Check out Jon Shorter at www.facebook.com/jonshorterband or www.reverbnation.com/jonshorterthegatewayband